Orders will be processed from Monday to Saturday. Orders will not be processed or shipped on weekends or holidays.

Our backdrops are folded shipping, if you need rolled shipping( the most width is 2M, so if you buy backdrop width and hight are all big more 2 M, we will fold, then rolled shipping to you), please contact us.  

Please remember this when ordering. If there is a problem with your order, we will notify you. The cost of shipping depends on the weight, destination, and mode of transportation of your order. We make every effort to get your product into your hands as soon as possible. The quality process takes time, so please wait patiently.

Delivery time includes production time and transportation time

Growth time: The general production time is 3-5 days. Custom product production time 5-7 days.

Shipping time (Unless otherwise noted all orders ship via DHL, TNT,FedEx or UPS):

Europe (UK, France, Germany, etc.): 3 - 6 business days (excluding customs clearance time)

North America (USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.): 3 - 5 business days

Australia: 4-7 business days

South Africa: 4 -9 business days

Asia (India, Japan, etc.): 3 - 5 business days

South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc.): 4 - 10 business days

Others: 4 - 8 business days


1. Please write the detailed street address when you filling in, otherwise, we can only use EMS delivery(slower than others)

2. Our product shipping costs $13. If your orders over $159, you can enjoy the package.

3. Major tariff states:

We choose package tax express in European countries, so you don't usually have to pay it. The tariffs in Canada, Mexico, India, and Brazil is usual, and specific tariffs are regulated by the price of goods. We will try to ensure the interests of our customers.

Please note, it's your own responsibility to find out about the import tax situation in your country.

If have any problem please keep in touch with us.